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Terms & Tips

Terms & Tips (2)

Person who invites the bidding at certain increments, calls the final price and knocks down the item on the block.

Ringman Or Bid Assistant
Person who stands in front and helps the Auctioneer take bids, delivers items to the Bidder and brings more to the block.

Person or persons who writes down all auctioned items, the final bidders number and the bid, so the auctioneer will have a record and the Bidder will have a receipt. Many auctioneers tape their auctions so if there is a problem, they can listen to the tape.

Person or persons who registers your name and gives you a bidder number, adds up your bill, and gives you a receipt after you pay

Bidding on one item in a group, highest bidder may take any item, each at the accepted price.

By The Piece OR Times The Money 
Buying all items at the individual item price. For example, you buy 6 glasses at $2 for 1 glass total will be $12

Bid Left 
Bids left in writing, executed by auction personnel, from absentee bidder.

Price desired at auction. Set by owner or Mortgage Company.

Personal property.

Real Property
Real Estate and all permanent attached items Real Estate sold at auction.

Owner agreeing to sell the item for the offered price

Blue Sheet Selling (used sometime when inclement weather is immanent) 
Items remaining in home with a number placed on item for inspection, then sold outside by number.

Buying at an auction is a fun and easy way to get a bargain or find an item of special value to you. Auctions are the last frontier in free enterprise, and one of the most exciting ways to shop.

About Auctioneers
Auctioneers are professional licensed Individuals who are bonded by the state to protect you. They must attend school. To better work for their clients, they maintain their education through seminars, professional organization and extended courses. There are laws and requirements auctioneers must follow to keep their license, so you as sellers and buyers are protected. HUNTSMAN AUCTION, REALTY AND APPRAISAL belongs to Indiana Auctioneers Association, National Auctioneers Association, National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers, and the Warrick County of Chamber of Commerce.

How To Begin 
When you come to our auction, you are made to feel welcome.

You are invited to view all the items, prior to the start of the auction, on the day of the auction. Auctions are one of the few places you are encourage to handle and inspect the items for sale so that you know what you're buying. There are no resells; all goods are sold as is.

Before bidding, register with the cashier; they will ask for some identification, usually a driver's license. You will receive a bidder card, which you must have to bid. It is your charge card and contract with the auctioneer. Don't lose it; you are responsible for purchases made against that bidder card number. When the auction is ready to begin, the auctioneer will go over the terms, times certain objects will sell, and anything else you will need to know. The auctioneer will also answer any questions you have at that time. Upon selling real estate, the auctioneer will tell what time the real estate will sell and then at that time will read the purchase agreement to you and answer any questions you might have. You may ask the cashier for a look at the purchase agreement before hand if you wish.

When you see an item you are interested in, set a price in your mind of what it's worth to you. The auctioneer will call out bids in certain increments, and you may decide to hold up your card to bid or drop out. If you are the highest bidder, hold up your bidder card so that your number can be seen by the auctioneer, and recorded by the clerk. SEE, YOU SET THE PRICE!

No Hassles 
Ask questions. Tell the auctioneer if you feel there was a bidding error immediately after the end of bidding. No one will take your bid if you don't want to bid. If you buy something that you feel was misrepresented, you may return it immediately and disclose the error or flaw, and it will be auctioned off again stating the said error or flaw.

Tied Bid 
If a bid is disputed, that is, you think you have the final bid and someone else thinks the same, the bidding is simply opened up again between the two of you and only you two. Get your price in your mind beforehand, and you'll never spend too much.

Method of payment is cash or check. At anytime during the auction or when it's over, you can go to the cashier, pay your bill, pick up your items and leave.

Leaving Bids 
Many auctioneers offer a service of "bids left". That is, if you need to leave and your item has not come to the block, you can leave a check and the highest bid you would go to on the item. There will be an assigned bidder to bid as if you were there, getting the article for the highest bid you left. Naturally, if another bidder bids higher than you, you will be notified and your check returned.

Dealers buy for their clients and for profit, so bidding against them is easy - their bid is less than what the item sells for in their shop. Remember, if you want an article, set your price in your mind beforehand, and you'll never spend too much.

Huntsman Auciton & Realty

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