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Auction Terms Used

Person who invites the bidding at certain increments, calls the final price and knocks down the item on the block.

Ringman Or Bid Assistant
Person who stands in front and helps the Auctioneer take bids, delivers items to the Bidder and brings more to the block.

Person or persons who writes down all auctioned items, the final bidders number and the bid, so the auctioneer will have a record and the Bidder will have a receipt. Many auctioneers tape their auctions so if there is a problem, they can listen to the tape.

Person or persons who registers your name and gives you a bidder number, adds up your bill, and gives you a receipt after you pay

Bidding on one item in a group, highest bidder may take any item, each at the accepted price.

By The Piece OR Times The Money 
Buying all items at the individual item price. For example, you buy 6 glasses at $2 for 1 glass total will be $12

Bid Left 
Bids left in writing, executed by auction personnel, from absentee bidder.

Price desired at auction. Set by owner or Mortgage Company.

Personal property.

Real Property
Real Estate and all permanent attached items Real Estate sold at auction.

Owner agreeing to sell the item for the offered price

Blue Sheet Selling (used sometime when inclement weather is immanent) 
Items remaining in home with a number placed on item for inspection, then sold outside by number.

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Huntsman Auciton & Realty

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